September, 2016

The Senior Cohort started the year by celebrating how far they’ve come and discussing ways to motivate themselves to graduation. Students have written a vision letter to paint a picture of the year they hope to have as well as written a personal, reflective narratives. They were asked to identify an event that made them stop and consider the way they were living their lives. This assignment sets the tone for a trimester of self-reflection and exploration. Our goal is to answer the question: how prepared am I to pursue my passion, purpose and philosophy? We will explore each of these topics in-depth so that student can have clarity as they start to explore post-high school options next trimester.

We are currently learning the skills to acquire a job, both entry level and professional. Students are making resumes, cover letters, learning about networking and will participating in mock interviews next week. It would be helpful if you could share your knowledge on the world of employment and the rules of engagement with them. The more perspectives they have, the richer their own knowledge will be.

In the next week we will begin discussing internship placement possibilities. Hopefully, you’ve discuss the requirements and possible ideas for internships at home. If you are interested in being a mentor or serving a NUHS intern at your place of business or have questions about the program, please email me. We are always looking for strong role models who are willing to share their expertise.

I am very enthusiastic about the upcoming year! It’s such an important transition, so I’m always excited to meet families and share our work.  Our senior class is an amazing group of talented and inspiring young adults. Thank you for supporting and respecting this opportunity they have earned through years of hard work.