YEARBOOK: This is a 2-trimester course designed to teach the skills necessary to produce the school yearbook, which offers a complete record of the school year.  The year begins by planning the coverage for the school year and designing a unifying theme for the book.  Students will study magazine journalism including layout and design techniques, writing and editing copy, headlines and picture captions.  This course provides the study of and practice in gathering and analyzing information, interviewing, note taking and photography.  Students will learn strategies of planning and marketing of the yearbook.  Students will learn proofing strategies and work independently with photographers.  At times, deadlines require that staff members work after school, on weekends, and holidays.  Students will learn good work habits and are responsible for all phases of yearbook publication.

PHOTOGRAPHY: This is an introductory course in photography that focuses on photographic composition and visual literacy. Throughout the course students will be encouraged to develop their own individual creative expression through multiple photography projects. The course will culminate with a presentation of each student’s portfolio of original photographs.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: This course will provide students with an opportunity to experience a variety of challenging and satisfying fitness activities
in a safe environment. Students will set goals with the intent of seeing growth in their physical well being as well as their
knowledge and techniques of sport activities.

HEALTH 1: This class is designed to assist students in evaluating and analyzing their current health related behaviors and beliefs with the intention of inspiring positive decisions. Specifically, we will focus on personal values, healthy relationships, non-violent communication, healthy sexuality, decision-making and self-esteem.