Welcome! A little about me. My family is my tribe. We are an extended group of friends and family who love to work hard, play hard and share all we can with each other. This photo is our core family. We love to be outside hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding, exploring, listening to music, building stuff, growing stuff, boating and paddle boarding. From salt water in the Puget Sound  to mountains everywhere  we find our best selves when we are exploring.

I have alway been a teacher but only 13 years in schools. I have worked in event and concert production, outdoor camps and outfitters, ski school and ski area operations, and landscaping. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the garage and the yard. I also love painting, tiling and  building.  All of my interests inform my classroom curriculum.  I am inspired by new activities and ideas. The kids keep me young and interested in learning more. They also inspire me and humble me. Much of my personal growth over the years can be credited to my time with kids. Young people are in constant movement and growth. Its exciting and exhausting to spend my days surrounded by their energy. For now it is still a gift I am grateful to experience.