October/November, 2016

It’s been a busy midterm in senior cohort. My online gradebook is usually up to date, but look for personal comments on the report cards that will be coming home in the next few weeks


A few weeks ago we talked in depth about the internship experience. As a requirement of this class, seniors engage in a 60 hour internship with a local business partner. The types of internships students do ranges from cosmetology in Oak Grove to meteorology downtown with the National Weather Service. The experiences are as diverse as the students. Students and I are working together to make connections in the field of their interest, and they will use their newly developed job acquisition skills to secure an internship sometime in the next few months.

The goal of the internship is for students to get feedback on their general employment skills while they explore their career interests. Like the mock interviews, at the start students are typically nervous or just irritated that they are required to do it, but by the end, they are grateful for the experience. In addition to building confidence, connections and an impressive resume, seniors at NUHS are eligible to receive 2 college credits from Clackamas Community College when they complete the course and their internship.

If you are interested in being a mentor or serving a NUHS intern at your place of business or have questions about the program, please email me. We are always looking for strong role models who are willing to share their expertise and patience.

What we’ve been doing in class

We’ve just finished working on a unit on communication.  I was impressed with how much students were learning and how honestly they are self-assessing.

For the last few weeks we’ve been doing research about passions, purpose, preparation and philosophy. Next week, we’re starting a significant research paper that we’ll spend the rest of the term writing.

Senior Pictures

Senior pictures for the yearbook are due December 16th, the day before winter break. These pictures can be submitted digitally or in person to Ms. Scarpino or Mr. Smith.