Given the current highlighting of the divisions in the national community, the expressed fear of safety and loss of services, we’d like to share our commitment to the pursuit of a more equitable, inclusive, and fair community. Before the current election season even began, the staff of New Urban High School committed to this mission:

The mission of New Urban High School is to meet students where they are socially, academically and emotionally and guide them to a place of higher knowledge, more choices and larger worldview through creative, person-centered and project-based learning.

We believe it is important to renew our commitment to our mission at this time.

We further commit:

  • to protect, serve and nurture each other and celebrate how we were born and who we choose to be.
  • to provide a safe environment for learning, engaging, and playing, for all students, families and community members.
  • to push each other to understand different perspectives and life experiences in order to develop a larger world view because we know that it is our differences that make us stronger and more beautiful as a community.