Seniors only have 27 days of school left! The last day for seniors is June 9th and graduation is June 15th at 7pm on the New Urban campus. Watch for a letter in the mail with the details soon. The last day is a giant celebration as well as a mandatory rehearsal for the graduation ceremony. You are welcome to join us for the senior assembly, which begins around two on the 9th.

As the end of the year is rushing towards us, we’re busy exploring philosophy, psychology and personal legacies to answer the question: what can I do to determine my legacy? This project includes reading Albert Camus’ The Stranger and academic writing. You will see evidence of the great work we’re doing at graduation as well our Spring exhibition.

We’re also preparing for the end-of-the-year presentation where seniors are asked to justify their graduation. This presentation is for a panel of community members and is very formal. I encourage you to chat about it with your person because it can be a big sources of stress and/or emotions. This week we started making portfolios to prepare to plan the presentation. In it, students highlight the most impactful work they’ve done this year and reflect on their learning and growth. The presentations will be May 31st – June 2nd. Sometimes having a parental-figure present is comforting, sometimes it increases nerves. I hope you talk it through with your person to see where their comfort level is. I encourage you to come if it works for everyone. I’ll share the schedule with you next month.

Please remember to send baby, kid and senior pictures as well as the $30 graduation fee by next week. These were due a few weeks ago, but I hardly have any pictures.

Hang in there parents! This can be a strange time for you as well. Good luck and congratulations.