New Urban was founded on five core beliefs about schools and education:

  1.  We want all of our students to feel that they are known well by our staff and will have meaningful interactions with adults on a daily basis.

  2.  Learning should be challenging, stimulating, and relevant to students' lives.

  3.  Teachers know students' learning styles and provide varied teaching strategies to accommodate for the differences.

  4.  All students can learn with the proper environment and motivation.

  5.  School must be a safe place both physically and emotionally.

About our Project Based Learning and Culture


At New Urban teachers work in teams, or "houses", assigned to smaller groups of students. This allows for a project based system enabling teachers to integrate their curriculum and students to see the connections between content areas. Students are grouped in houses based on the number of credits they have acquired so that they can continue to progress toward a high school diploma.

We believe that students should learn about and become contributing members of their community. As a requirement for graduation, students will participate in Youth Take Action (YTA), a service learning course and opportunity, as well as Senior Internship, which involves career research and planning and an internship at a local business. Graduates from NUHS earn a North Clackamas School District diploma.

We believe strongly in supporting students' mental health as well. We employ two school counselors, providing a ratio of one per 75 students, as well as extensive connections with local organizations and services to provide support for our students. All of our teachers have Oregon teaching licenses and meet the school's requirements of professional competency. Our teachers are committed to working with your child and demonstrate that commitment every day.