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What is happening?

New Urban High School and Metropolitan Family Services are happy to announce the introduction of the CAFE Community School, through the generous funding of the 21stCentury Community Learning Center!

What is CAFE?

CAFE stands for Child and Family Enrichment. CAFE offers after school programming for students attending New Urban High School. CAFE helps increase student success by providing quality after school enrichment and academic support services.  CAFE is also collaborating with community partners, such as the Friends of New Urban, to increase school/community relationships. Adult and family services are also provided through the CAFE program. Adult education opportunities will be offered throughout the year.

Student Registration

Students who wish to attend the CAFE programs can attend for one session as a trial period.  After their first session, a parent or guardian will need to fill out the registration form that can be found on the registration page.   Please print the form and mail or  return it to Chelsea Lamb, at NUHS, 1901 SE Oak Grove Blvd, Oak Grove, OR 97267.  Packets can also be scanned and emailed to Chelsea at


CAFE students can choose to participate in one, two, or all classes, Monday-Thursday. Some classes require an ongoing commitment; some are drop-in. If a student wishes to come to a class, they are expected to stay for the duration of the after-school program (3:30-6:00). If a student leaves the premises during a class or after the first session, they will be asked to recommit for the next week. If they leave again, they will be required to wait until the next term to re-enroll in classes.

Bus Transportation

Students will be asked to report their most used types of transportation. Students must live within the North Clackamas School District area (Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Clackamas, Gladstone) to be eligible for bus service. Students who report that they will take the bus are expected to use this form of transportation, unless a parent informs the program coordinator otherwise.

There will be a bus to take CAFE participants home after programs at 6:00 pm. The bus route will be developed with the North Clackamas Transportation Department; please note that NCSD is only required to drop students off within one mile of their regular stop during after hours bussing, but they make every attempt to get a student as close to home as possible.  There is no additional fee for using the CAFE bus.

CAFE Inclusion & Behavior Policy

  • NUHS CAFÉ is proud to be an inclusive program. Students of all ability levels are encouraged to apply for CAFE. We welcome the opportunity to work with parents to find accommodations that will enable the safety and success of all students.
  • CAFÉ students are expected to follow the same codes of conduct that apply during the school day. The ground that students are expected to follow at CAFE are:
    • Give things a second try;
    • Treat yourself, adults, and other students the way you would want to be treated;
    • Attend CAFE for the duration of the program;
    • Practice nonviolent words and actions; and
    • Know your intention and impact.
  • If students or staff fail to follow a ground rule, they will be asked to go through the Integrity Process, which will help make amends for the slight and will restore the person's integrity.  Continued breaches of ground rules will result in involving parents and school staff to determine next steps.

Homework & Academic Support

CAFE will offer a variety of ways to support students with their academic success, such as study hall, Credit Recovery, and tutoring.

  • Check out the current class offerings under the Activities page.

Enrichment Activities

CAFE will offer enrichment activities daily. Students will be able to participate in multiple enrichment opportunities each term.

  • Check out the current class offerings under the Activities page.

Program Cost

Most programs will be offered at no cost. Occasionally, a sliding scale fee will be required for specific classes, and families will be contacted by the program coordinator to determine the fee.


The North Clackamas School District provides a hot dinner for all CAFE participants. Students are welcome to bring their own food  to eat during mealtimes if they prefer. Any special dietary concerns need to be addressed with the CAFE Program Coordinator prior to the start of CAFE programs.

Please speak with the CAFE Coordinator if your child has any medical conditions or special needs of which we should be aware.

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