New Urban High School has two full-time guidance counselors who provide students support in the areas of academics, mental health, postsecondary education and career decision-making, and personal/social development.  This year, additional counseling resources include two graduate interns from both Portland State University and Multnomah University. The school counselors and interns provide one-on-one counseling and support groups. Members of the counseling department assist students’ in fostering high self-esteem and help maintain a positive school culture.  Encouraging students to discover his/her personal strengths is a goal of this counseling department.  

Through New Urban community partnerships with Trillium Family Services, Northwest Family Services and Clackamas County Resolution Services we are able to provide New Urban students with wrap around services to support their educational and personal growth. 

SICHE GREEN-MITCHELL LSC- School Counselor (Request Counseling with Siche)

ANNARIE WERGELAND LSC- School Counselor (Request Counseling with Annarie)

Trillium Family Services


Trillium Family Services’ multi-disciplinary school-based team of psychiatrists, therapists, and skills trainers works with clients and families to help them understand and manage their mental health needs. The team is committed to providing effective clinical treatment for children and adolescents struggling to address mental health symptoms at home and in the community. Services offered include medication management, psychiatric assessment, individual and family therapy, treatment groups, skills training, and consultation and case management. Each client in the program is given an Individualized Plan of Care, which outlines areas of focus in treatment as well as long- and short-term goals which measure the client’s progress. When treatment goals are met, clients graduate from Outpatient services with a transition plan. Depending on their needs, clients’ aftercare may include natural supports, primary care physicians, and community and school resources.

Northwest Family Services


I am employed through Northwest Family Services, a non-profit organization, and am contracted to work with multiple schools in Clackamas County. I provide alcohol and drug treatment services at level 0.5 (prevention and education) as well as level 1.0 (outpatient services). I see students once a week on an individual and/or group basis. All services are conducted in the school in order to reduce multiple barriers for teens obtaining services. I see students who have been suspended for a drug related incident as well as students who self-refer due to wanting assistance in cutting down or ceasing their substance use.  My credentials include: Master’s in Addiction Studies, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Level II.