• Students in a gazebo Portland Community College Cascade Visit

    Friday, November 18, 2016…We had a great day! AVID students visited the PCC cascade campus.  They had an opportunity to tour the campus, learn about the different programs offered, and what the PCC campus has to offer new students.  We learned a lot, had a tasty lunch, and a nice drive back on the bus.

  • Middlebury College Visit

    AVID class had Middlebury College visit our class.  We learned about what Middlebury has to offer its future students.  Very informative and  inspiring.

  • Students visiting Portland State University PSU AVID field trip

    What an amazing day at Portland State University! The AVID class spent the day touring the PSU campus, eating at Hotlips, and experiencing the student amenities.  We also ran a few races.  Fun times were had by all and valuable information  was absorbed about the possibilities of becoming a PSU student.  We are looking forward to our next adventure/learning opportunity.

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