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    Here’s the link to our class Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nuhslynch/ I also have a Facebook, but that’s mostly copies of the photos 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/newurbanlynch/

  • Mindfulness through Yoga

    Every Wednesday during 5th period, come to my classroom to practice a variety of mindful habits that will help us de-stress, focus our minds, and strengthen our bodies.  

Classroom Agreements

  • Speak your truth with respect and integrity and be patient enough to allow room for others to speak their truths.
  • Be mindful of your words & actions and their impact on others in the room and community.
  • Practice kindness towards yourself and others.
  • Respectfully communicate your needs, especially when they’re not being met. (NVC!)
  • Respect the learning needs of all those in the room:  check your volume level, your activity level, focus level, distraction level.
  • Practice gratitude. 🙂

My Philosophy

I believe that we are a community of teachers and learners.  We are in this together, and are here to learn from one another, and gently teach one another.  We are perfectly imperfect every day, and bring much knowledge compassion, and authenticity to this community.  We will all make mistakes.  We will say unkind things and act in embarrassing ways.  All of us.  You, me, and your neighbor.  I ask that we remember this, and keep TRYING.  TRY to be fully present with our class every day. When something is challenging, view it as that:  a challenge.  Not an impossibility.  Keep trying, and tell yourself "I can't do this YET."  You'll get there.  I believe in you, and I hope you can trust in me and believe in yourself as well.  I am confident that we will all do great things this year, and am deeply grateful that you are here and will share this part of my journey.  

Power House Syllabus

Coffee House Syllabus


Lynch’s Classes

Periods 1, 4, and 6: Power House Language Arts (English 10)

Periods 2 and 3: Coffee House Language Arts (English 11)

Period 5:  Prep

On Wednesdays, during 5th period, Lynch teaches a Mindfulness through Yoga class.  All are welcome!