Power House Syllabus

Coffee House Syllabus


US History Syllabus


Lynch’s Classes

Periods 1 and 4: Power House Language Arts (English 10)

Periods 2 and 3: Coffee House Language Arts (English 11)

Period 5:  Prep

Period 6:  US History

Community Class:  Service Learning Practicum co-taught w/ Kirstan Fengler


  • Success

    What can you do RIGHT NOW to be successful in this moment?

  • Mindfulness This Week

    How are we being mindful this week? 1) Listing gratitudes. 2) Flipping negative interactions into positive ones!  (A little mental meditation and NVC practice!) 3) Identifying our favorite part…of ourselves.  

  • Lunch with Lynch! Lotus Flower

    Join me for lunch this week! >>Monday:  Meditation<< >>Tuesday:  Study Hall<< >>Thursday:  Study Hall<< >>Friday:  Yoga<<