Alternative Middle School and High School Student Placement


Oak Grove Center opened in October 2012.  The new North Clackamas program is a self-contained, small learning environment designed as a placement alternative for middle school and high school students as an alternative to expulsion. The program's focus is on preparing students to re-enter their neighborhood school, or New Urban High School.

While previously, students were placed in private programs outside the school district, now many can attend school in the community.

For information, contact Alternative Education Coordinator Aeylin Summers at email .


With integrity, tenacity, and a team approach, we provide each student at Oak Grove Center with a safe, respectful, and restorative environment to ensure a successful relational and academic transition into the next phase of learning and life.

New Urban High School
1901 SE Oak Grove Blvd.
Oak Grove, OR 97267
(503) 353-5925


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