Presentations of Learning (POL)

Three times a year, at the end of every trimester, all students at New Urban High School give Presentations of Learning (POL's). These are not about getting credit in courses; students either have or have not documented learning to a level of mastery in their courses.

POLs are an overarching tool for students, allowing them to pause in learning, reflect, synthesize, and analyze. They consider both personal and academic growth, link their learning to past learning, and project future learning goals.

The end-of-trimester POLs are not the only presentations students make; they learn how to make presentations when they first come to New Urban High School. As the "running record" of videotapes of the POLs makes clear, students keep getting better at presenting themselves. And graduate POLs, a one-hour presentation, are unsurpassed!

  • Not about credit in classes
  • Academic & personal growth
  • Once each trimester (every 14 weeks)
  • Developmental (running record) used for goal setting
  • Students make a case that they have learned; present themselves as learners.

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