What Is Restorative Justice?

NUHS's discipline plan is based on a Restorative Justice model that puts relationships at the forefront of our disciplinary practices.  The word discipline means "to teach" so the philosophy of our discipline plan aims to teach students about the impact of their actions upon their relationships with others and with the community.


The basis of our disciplinary plan is to focus on restoring the harm that has been done to a person or community. This often looks like a mediation that is lead by a staff member or by one of our trained student peer mediators. The process of mediation often begins with each student telling their side of the story to a mediator privately.  The mediator then brings the parties together to come to collective agreements that each party will follow in order for the relationship to be repaired.  This usually does not result in a close friendship (although occasionally it does), but often focuses on how students can continue to coexist without either feeling harmed by the other's presence.