Senior Internship


The senior cohort is designed to help seniors transition from high school to their next step. It allows students the opportunity to explore who they are and hope to be, the world of employment, finances, post-high school options and career fields of interest.  The senior cohort helps students combine their interests, values, vision for their future, and their academic skills and knowledge while helping them make professional connections and gain work experiences outside of school.


The classes:


The cohort is a combination of senior internship and senior English and is required for graduation from NUHS. It is a three-trimester course that teaches the state standards for career related learning and language arts. Students write research papers, resume, cover letters; conduct and present career research using technological tools; apply for colleges, FAFSA and scholarships; write a detailed 5 year plan; develop a portfolio; complete a 60 hour internship with a local business; read classic and contemporary literature; write expository, narrative and persuasive papers and speeches. The culminating piece is a presentation to a panel of program alumni and community members.


Our internship partners:


Local business and organizations have been supporting New Urban High School’s internship program for the past ten years. We are so grateful for the time and investment you’ve made in the lives of our students and the success of our program. Thank you! There is no other way we could provide authentic employment experiences for kids. This course wouldn’t be possible without your support.


If you are interested in partnering with our school as an internship site, guest speaker, mock interviewer or panelist, please contact Anna Scarpino at


Career areas where NUHS students have completed internships:

  • Urban farming
  • Cosmetology
  • Social justice/activism
  • Fine Art entertainment
  • Emergency Response
  • Photography
  • Computer assembly
  • Physical therapy
  • Politics
  • Auto racing
  • Education
  • Retail/food service
  • Childcare
  • Natural medicine
  • Construction and restoration
  • Art production and sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Culinary
  • Mental Health
  • Medicine
  • Film Production
  • Animal Care/Medicine
  • Wellness/Fitness
  • Audio production and recording
  • Writing
  • Recreation
  • Bike Mechanics


What do graduates of our program say?


What did you value most about your experience in senior cohort?


"Getting hands-on experience in the career field I want to study."
"The fact that I was able to open up and be authentic with and about myself."
"The sense of support provided by the cohort and teacher."
"The impact it will leave on my resume."
"That I was supported through all the stages of getting my life after high school in place."

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