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Anatomy and Physiology

 This is a 1.0 credit course that covers the structures (anatomy) and functions (physiology) of the human body. Prerequisites are  biology and chemistry. In  addition the coursework focuses on diseases and disorders that affect different organs and organ systems.


 This is a 1.0 credit core science course typically taken during the sophomore year.  Biology is study of living things, their interactions with each other and  their environment. The course is divided into four units over two trimesters. They are; Unit 1: Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, Unit 2: Genetics, Unit 3:  Evolution, Unit 4: Organismal Biology and Ecology.


This is a .5 credit course that is a hybrid between Biology and Environmental Science. There are four units. They are: Unit 1: Evolution and Classification, Unit 2: Organismal Micro and Fungi, Unit 3: Organismal Plants and Animals, Unit 4: Ecology 




Mixed Media 

 This is a .5 credit art course that allows students to explore many forms of art. This includes drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and true mixed media  art.

Some personal information about me.


My Education:

 Sheldon High School in Eugene, Oregon, 1989, go Irish!

 B.S Biology, Willamette University, 1993, go Bearcats!

 Post Bac. Art, Oregon State University, go Beavers!

 M.A.T Concordia University, 2008, go Cavaliers!

My Interests:

 Travel: 27 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe), Scotland, England

 Most outdoor pursuits: hunting, fishing, and hiking.

 Sports: football, wrestling and shotgunning.

 Art: bronze sculpture and drawing

My other roles in the district:

 I currently coach wrestling for Putnam and teach  summer school Biology.